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Welcome to GreenTrapOnline.....

GreenTrapOnline A/S is a danish private owned company located i the area of Aarhus. We develop and operate wireless electronic monitoring systems for professional use. Our integrated solutions include range of detectors and communication platforms with data collection/-storage and tools for documentation, reporting and alerting.

GreenTrapOnline (GTO) solutions are based on the most effective, proven and documented technologies. Every GTO solution ensure an optimal mix of operating stability, data security, user-friendliness and real Plug & Play.

GTO is implemented at customer sites in Europe. The GTO Concept is sold, installed and operated by operators in the fields of Pest Control and Hygiene. GTO has been given patents in Europe and USA.

GTO is a platform for future extension to any purpose of monitoring and remote control, e.g. Indoor climate: temperature, humidity, bioactivity, exposures ...., Security, Safety and Fire ....., Facility management and maintenance: leak, consumption, pollution, erosion, corrosion ...

24 hours control ....... we keep Spot-On your risks   
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